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Premium Wired Mic
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Premium Wired Microphone

USD $20.00
  • Professional quality.
  • Can be connected to compatible mini component, sound system or directly to your Grand Videoke.
  1. What are the package inclusions?
  2. WOW Fiesta Serenade 10 Compact box contains the main unit, one wired microphone, song list & manual, remote control, HDMI and RCA cables, and power adapter.

  3. How to add songs?
  4. Expand your WOW! Fiesta Serenade 10 Compact song library by purchasing WOW Fiesta Song Update for only P249 per volume.

  5. Can you install in a car?
  6. WOW! Fiesta Serenade 10 Compact is designed for both home and outdoor use. For car installation, use the suitable accessories like the 12-volt car adapter and 3.5mm infrared jack. These accessories can be bought in electronics store or DIY shops. You can also have it installed in your car by going to your preferred car accessories shop.

  7. What are the media files that can be played?
  8. WOW! Fiesta Serenade 10 Compact supports MP4, MP3, AVI, MKV, MPG, and FLV media file formats.

  9. What is the maximum USB/HDD storage capacity that can be read by WOW! Fiesta Serenade 10 Compact?
  10. WOW! Fiesta Serenade 10 Compact can read up to 2TB USB/HDD capacity with FAT32 file system.

  11. What is the warranty coverage?
  12. WOW! Fiesta Serenade 10 Compact has a one year warranty for the main unit. Accessories such as the remote control, microphones, and cables are not covered by the warranty.

  13. How to enjoy Full HD videos?
  14. To enjoy Full HD videoke experience, use the HDMI cable and connect it to your smart TV. For the audio output, use the RCA cable and connect it to your external speaker.