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Sing B4 U Buy – Listening to Sound Quality



Most consumers tend to think that the quantity dictates whether a deal is good or not. Lacking with ample research of the market they are shopping in to, most consumers don't realize that instead of getting more, they are actually getting less when it comes to quality.

Putting this in the perspective of karaoke, most karaoke system buyers are often blinded by flashy offers like the promise of large number of karaoke songs or High Definition sounding karaoke system. More often than not, buyers get enticed by these pleasant promises. Who wouldn't want such, right? But the main question to ponder is: Are you getting as advertised?

In buying your karaoke, make your standards higher than just looking at mere number of songs, aim for sound quality that will satisfy your karaoke sessions. With Grand Videoke PLUS sound quality is ensured with superbly produced songs complete with sweet-sounding details. Powered by the high-quality Dream Sound Module, Grand Videoke PLUS is set to give justice to these wonderfully crafted karaoke songs. Golden rule in buying your karaoke system: be more reasonable and see the very essence of karaoke parties – having your own concert-like moments at the comfort of your home! No amount of songs could top that feeling of satisfaction with every song you'd sing with your karaoke system.

Another helpful tip in buying your karaoke – do not hesitate to try your options. Make a comparative analysis, look for the pros and cons of each karaoke machines on your list. Buying a karaoke is an investment, more than the decision of choosing a wired or wireless microphone karaoke, you will be shedding serious amount of cash and you must not think twice in trying out as many songs to sing. Play your favorite songs upon testing. Singing songs that are familiar to you will help you decide which karaoke player sounds more real.

Remember, thin and monotonous sounding karaoke microphones are a thing of the past. High quality karaoke systems backed by harmonious sound detail is what makes karaoke parties sweeter! Don't hesitate to check and #SingB4UBuy with Grand Videoke!

Sing B4 U Buy: Checking the Song Storage System



Searching for a new karaoke system is no easy feat, looking at it as an investment, buying one should definitely not be taken for granted. With this, Grand Videoke came up with an advocacy to empower buyers with knowledge on things to look out for when buying their new karaoke device.

Sing B4 U Buy is a campaign encouraging buyers to try out and thoroughly inspect a karaoke system before making a purchase. One technical tip from the Sing B4 U Buy campaign is to check which type of storage your prospect karaoke system uses.

There are two types of storage systems that karaoke systems use: external storage and internal storage. Popular samples of external storage options are optical discs (CDs, DVDs) and memory cards. Initially, one may think there's no harm in using external storage. But with in-depth analysis, external storage is actually prone to damage and data corruption. This could mean your song files being gone in an instant should damage occur to your system. For better picture, CDs are helpless with scratches while SD cards tend to be corrupted when inserting into and from unsafe devices.




The other type of storage system is internal memory storage which Grand Videoke models use in storing song files. Internal memory need not to be ejected and returned to the device. With this, song files are secured from damage and possible data corruption, assuring that your songs will still be there on your next karaoke session. Even in song expansion, Grand Videoke utilizes internal memory storage. Song Transfer Packs (STPs) contents are directly saved to the internal memory upon transfer.

Storage system is a factor that is least considered by most karaoke buyers in the market. When shopping for your next karaoke device, be sure to check what storage system your candidate uses and for your peace of mind, opt for internal memory storage for better song file keeping. What's the use of tens of thousands of songs if all these has the inconvenient tendency of being wiped out in a moment, right?



Pop Duo Perkins Twins Inks Twin Deals

PerkinsTwins 03

(Left: Olive S. Dimaranan, EVP for Consumer Division, Center: Jesse and Christian Perkins, Right:Tess and Tarny Perkins)


Manila, Philippines – February 10, 2017 – Audio Video Solutions Corporation, has chosen Jesse and Christian Perkins, more popularly know as the Perkins Twins, as Brand Endorsers for both Grand Videoke and LD Systems.


As the leading player in the home karaoke industry, Grand Videoke chose to partner with the talented pop duo, originally from California. According to Olive S. Dimaranan, EVP for Consumer Division, “We love what the Perkins Twins represent. They are devout Christians who possess strong family values and moral convictions. This is perfect as Grand Videoke is a great instrument that brings families closer by promoting more fun and joy at home."


Another brand that the twins will be endorsing is LD Systems, a German pro audio brand. "We love the twins' attention to detail and professionalism, not to mention they're very talented musicians and performers as well. Having them as voices for LD Systems will definitely help the brand reach a wider audience.", Dimaranan said.


The Perkins Twins, still in the middle of a series of mall and school tours, had this say: “We have always loved doing karaoke with the whole family, especially during gatherings, and Grand Videoke is by far the best system we have ever used. LD Systems, on the other hand, produces the best pro audio systems around. This will help us spread our advocacy and message more clearly. This is a perfect partnership and we're so excited to be able to promote these two awesome brands."


grandvideokeAbout Grand Videoke

Grand Videoke is the leading home videoke brand in the Philippines. It is manufactured by TJ Media Co. Ltd, a publicly listed corporation and a market leader in the commercial karaoke industry in South Korea.


Each Grand Videoke system is powered by Dream Sound Module that produces HD sound quality, with over 6,000 built-in songs and multimedia function via USB or SD Card. Grand Videoke also introduced the first videoke system with Voice Command technology that allows to search, play and reserve songs by speaking commands. Grand Videoke is a fusion of design, technology and excellence.


ldgermanyAbout LD Systems

LD Systems is a well-established major pro audio brand globally. It is a registered brand of the Adam Hall Group with headquarters in Germany. Established more than 35 years ago, the company's rigorous standards and dedication to innovation are reflected in each and every LD Systems pro audio product.


Within just a few years in the Philippines, LD Systems is now one of the best-selling premium speaker brands, with more than 250 stores nationwide.



PerkinsTwins 02About Perkins Twins


Jesse and Christian Perkins are a pop duo from California (Fil-Am) and recording artists under Universal Records. Born in the Philippines and raised in California (USA), they are champion athletes and academic scholars with awards from President Bush and President Obama. They are the name behind the Perkins Twins Tennis Academy at the Edsa Shangri-la.  They are role models for the youth who work with the Department of Education to advocate no drugs, no alcohol, no bullying, no smoking and purity.




tarny tess perkins

 About the Perkins Family:


Tarny and Tess Perkins speak regularly on “Successful Parenting” and work, alongside the Perkins Twins with the youth of the Philippines. They own The Cup of Faith coffee shop and the Perkins Twins Tennis Academy.

Queen Pia Sings Confidently Beautiful With a Heart

miss-universe-01Our Philippine pride, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, was given a touching musical tribute a few days before she relinquishes her crown as the reigning Miss Universe. Her struggles as a breadwinner, a showbiz personality and a successful pageant queen were set into music and performed by the theater group, Stages.


One of the ancillary events of the 65th Miss Universe Pageant, Queen of the Universe: A Tribute to Pia Wurtzbach was held at the Harbor Tent of the Sofitel Philippine Plaza, CCP Complex. The 86 candidates vying for the title of Miss Universe were also present in the event.  


Aside from the musical, the beautiful ladies and guests were treated to good food and fun activities, such as the #SingConfidentlyBeautiful Challenge courtesy of Grand Videoke, the country's leading videoke brand.


This challenge was essentially a group singing competition, participated by 3 teams, all comprised of this year's Miss Universe candidates. The rules were simple: each team must pick a song, sing it until the first chorus, and the group with the highest score wins.






The most memorable moment came midway during the final group's performance. To everyone's surprise, the Queen herself, Pia Wurtzbach, joined Miss Ecuador Connie Jimenez, Miss Guyana Soyini Fraser, Miss Jamaica Isabel Dalley, Miss British Virgin Islands Erica Creque, and Miss Paraguay Andrea Melgarejo, in singing Rihanna's "We Found Love". This led to the delight of the more than 300 people in attendance!


Probably inspired by the crowd, the ladies from this group received a near-perfect score of 99 and eventually emerged as winners of the challenge. Each member of the team received a Grand Videoke unit as prize.


Pia, coaxed by the excited crowd, gave her own rousing rendition of the Taylor Swift hit “Shake It Off”. This to the further delight and elation of the well-dressed crowd. After the performance, the host awarded Pia with a Grand Videoke unit of her own.


"Pia has given us so much pride and joy to our nation, and we're just glad that we are able to honor and thank her for what she's done", says Johenson Tan, Marketing Manager of Grand Videoke. "This is also our chance to showcase to the world our culture and our passions. And when we talk about passion, I don't think there's anyone more passionate about singing, than us Filipinos", he added.




For more than 15 years, Grand Videoke has been nurturing the Filipinos' love of singing by providing premium videoke experience in more than 170 countries. It is the first to introduce the revolutionary GeeVee™ Voice Command Feature, allowing one to just say the song title and start singing in less than five seconds! No need for a song book.


To protect consumers, Grand Videoke is also pushing for its Sing B4 U Buy advocacy. With a host of videoke products to choose from these days, it pays to be smart about investing in the right one. That's why Grand Videoke gives potential buyers some useful pointers to consider such as: It must be from a trusted brand; It should make the process of finding songs effortless; It has a good song library with no song duplicated; It uses an internal storage system; just to name a few.


With the Sing B4 U Buy advocacy, Grand Videoke hopes to inspire more people to sing confidently beautiful, just like our very own Pia Wurtzbach! You can test out Grand Videoke at your favorite appliance stores and record bars like SM Appliance, Gadgets Hub at The SM Store, Astroplus, Odyssey, and Robinsons Appliance, and many more. You may also visit for a complete listing of stores.

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